samedi 9 avril 2011

fred as if he was mad

granpa fred,
got out of bed.
looked a bit sad.
put on the only clothes he had.
and walked around as if he was mad,
till he got back in bed.

jeudi 7 avril 2011


semaine de noel avec noel qui nous fait coucou.

great hand

Poker with matches,
for desperate pokers.
he had a great hand on his arm,
but the casino royale was only a farm

mardi 5 avril 2011

any snacks?

I'll have to sell my way out anyway...I'm fed up with this...

aaaarrrrr!! me captain's died..

lundi 4 avril 2011


AXE turned his back on us and went away.
without a word, without a goodbye.
other adventures in front of him lay,
but still I heard a silent sigh.


in the afternoon,
in rouen,
there where la piece de resistance resisted the bombardments 70 years ago
I sat on the side of a concrete flower pot, watching the cathedral.
watching the beggar that I shouldn't have given my 20 cents to.
he stood in the entrance of the pride of Rouen.
stopping everyone who wanted to see the miracles of the Gothic style,
for a little money, no one wanted to give away.

dimanche 3 avril 2011

church full with the naive modern farmers of a dutch village,
priest comes up.
he's got this red nose and lisping voice.
the townpeople are silently laughing,
the vilagers are full of admirable attention.

maybe it wasn't strange,
that the sacramental wine was not used...

man sat there

next to the gates of amsterdam; the cafe with the parrot .
every one who wanders in looks at the bird puzzled wether it is a real one or not .
there, at a table sat this man. not bothered by the parrot but lisening to a bird speaking and speaking in front of him.
in his eyes it could've been a bird, but in mine it was only an old woman.

weird innit...