mercredi 3 août 2011

Manfred two

the wind chased around the house with aggresive force. but through the whooshing another sound was heard, first distant but it grew louder with every cold second that passed. while those seconds passed Manfred froze as the villagers had. he suddenly seemed anxious, and quickly blew out his candle. a last flicker of red light reflected in some frightened yellow eyes and the room, was plunged into inpenetrable darkness. the now confused villagers gasped when they lost sight, they couldn't see their enemy anymore; Manfred. what was it he feared, what made him suddenly have the feeling he was one who was cornered in the dark room? this unnatural sound that was like the sound of the wind but only higher pitched...

lundi 1 août 2011

manfred 1

manfred stepped over the doorstep and shone his candle on the frigtened faces of the inhabitants,
his high pitched voice cracked: "the carridge is ready ladies and gentlemen!!"
little shreekes of terror escaped the mouths of the trembling people.
the light reflected in the yellow eyes of Manfred and then he grinned his yellow teeth, what made the villagers freeze in their corners.

manfred then stepped forward...