vendredi 9 décembre 2011

au ptit matin

Munster, Allemagne; au ptit matin a 7 heures, les grands et les petits sautes sur le meme bus qui se dirigent vers l'école. ils y attendent leur premier cour a 8 heures.

dimanche 20 novembre 2011


what a wonderfull duo they make

red riding hood?

at least he didn't end up with stones in his belly...

mardi 18 octobre 2011

samedi 15 octobre 2011

tout le monde tombe.

dans un repos secoué

vendredi 30 septembre 2011


after some stations he strumbled out leaning on his walking stick. once out he didn't go on out of the subway. no, he just stood there leaning on his stick looking out to his left and his right.
when the train drove past him I followed him with my eyes and I wondered...
I wondered but as the metro raced through the feble lighted suburb, out of it into the night, I forgot about him and rederected my thoughts to my book.

mercredi 28 septembre 2011

bla bla bla

en fin de soiree elle charme tout le metrox...

Natura Artis Magistra

la panthere d'Artis,
sans vouloir me montrer sadique, marcher d'un bout a l'autre de sa cage me parait peu original,
en plus je n'avais que 3 secondes sur quinze pour dessiner ce redoutable fauve.

lundi 26 septembre 2011

me kingdom for a horse

Rescue, my Lord of Norfolk, rescue, rescue!
The king enacts more wonders than a man,
Daring an opposite to every danger:
His horse is slain, and all on foot he fights,
Seeking for Richmond in the throat of death.
Rescue, fair lord, or else the day is lost!

A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!

fuck off!!

dimanche 18 septembre 2011


And then he saw it, a patch of feeble light shone through the clouds onto the concourse.
He stood there for two seconds stunned by what he saw. The light brightened until it lighted the entire street and further it went reflecting on the glass windows. Peter regained his speech and with a loud "AAHA!" he ran forward out of the alleyway.
"and where the fuck have you been?!" he yelled out at the blinding sun. People passing by turned their faces away from the sun and they directed their attention to the source of the yelling. After frowning at peter they went onwards blocking the sunlight with their hands to see properly. But Peter's tyranny against the sun went on.
After a minute the sun vanished behind a giant grey cloud, and a cold breeze ran through Peter's black hair. He looked up at the darkening sky and felt the first tiny drop onto his nose. Everyone took out their umbrella's and quickened their steps.
But while the rain tickled down, peter just stood there, all his anger gone. All his hope washed away by the cold unforgivable rain.

lundi 5 septembre 2011


bored of drawing my sisters I drew the only living soul withing propper drawing range; me. it was not really a propper range as I couldn't see my own face but like most people I kinda know what my own face looks like so on I went. this was the result.
as we drove in the good old peugeot we got stuck in some bad bad traffic. because of the heavy rain that fell down on brussels the past few days, some of the tunnels running through the city were full of water. what caused the governement to think it would be a good idea to rederect them to the huge aquaduct running over brussels, which only had half of its motorways because three workmen were doing stuff to the road. so there were like four motorways on the place of two.

ghost, at last...

during my third year of college I was bored a lot I quess. I filled my books with drawings about this kind of superhero called "Ghost". ghost is an outlaw but working for the greater good. he archieves what the highest politicians don't, as there always shoving bullshit around the table like dungbeetles.
ghost always has this phantom-like hat over his head. it makes him look a bit like a cu clux clan member but he's just a ghost. now people obviously want to know who he is with all the murder and action he brings. here are some of their speculations.
i'm thinking about uploading the entire "ghost"...

vendredi 2 septembre 2011

chateau de montcornet en ardennes

check it out people, if you want.

LD and me on top

LD on top,
mysterious and daring.
what to say I don't know
but what to draw I drew.

me on top
eating a croisant, looking over the grocery-bag-loaded people.
drinking the energy stuffed beverage, staring at the grafity.
what to say I don't know.


I never expected that, I thought it would be some kind of german fun thing movie or whatever. but westerbaan chose to do a game we hadn't done since primary; pinkelen. reluctant and amused we began drumming our fingers on the schooldesks.
westerbaan yelled supposedly confusing commands but we were tougher than he thought. after a full half hour of "hol", "bol", "commando hol" I was out. a few die hards still were in the game but westerbaan gave up and said good-bye...


but when you'd sit at the table fronting the desk, you just might get some concentration problems...

mercredi 3 août 2011

Manfred two

the wind chased around the house with aggresive force. but through the whooshing another sound was heard, first distant but it grew louder with every cold second that passed. while those seconds passed Manfred froze as the villagers had. he suddenly seemed anxious, and quickly blew out his candle. a last flicker of red light reflected in some frightened yellow eyes and the room, was plunged into inpenetrable darkness. the now confused villagers gasped when they lost sight, they couldn't see their enemy anymore; Manfred. what was it he feared, what made him suddenly have the feeling he was one who was cornered in the dark room? this unnatural sound that was like the sound of the wind but only higher pitched...

lundi 1 août 2011

manfred 1

manfred stepped over the doorstep and shone his candle on the frigtened faces of the inhabitants,
his high pitched voice cracked: "the carridge is ready ladies and gentlemen!!"
little shreekes of terror escaped the mouths of the trembling people.
the light reflected in the yellow eyes of Manfred and then he grinned his yellow teeth, what made the villagers freeze in their corners.

manfred then stepped forward...

dimanche 19 juin 2011


le directeur "wannabe snape" prenda t'il des vacances?

samedi 4 juin 2011


Aient jeté ses tartines au ''pindakaas'' jean-phillipe alla en face pour s'acheter un sandwich poulet-tomate.
fouillant dans sa conscience pour y trouver quelque remords il manga avec grand appétit.

vendredi 27 mai 2011

Pablo is klaar

I finished the test,
so did pablo.

mardi 24 mai 2011

dimanche 1 mai 2011

samedi 9 avril 2011

fred as if he was mad

granpa fred,
got out of bed.
looked a bit sad.
put on the only clothes he had.
and walked around as if he was mad,
till he got back in bed.

jeudi 7 avril 2011


semaine de noel avec noel qui nous fait coucou.

great hand

Poker with matches,
for desperate pokers.
he had a great hand on his arm,
but the casino royale was only a farm

mardi 5 avril 2011

any snacks?

I'll have to sell my way out anyway...I'm fed up with this...

aaaarrrrr!! me captain's died..

lundi 4 avril 2011


AXE turned his back on us and went away.
without a word, without a goodbye.
other adventures in front of him lay,
but still I heard a silent sigh.


in the afternoon,
in rouen,
there where la piece de resistance resisted the bombardments 70 years ago
I sat on the side of a concrete flower pot, watching the cathedral.
watching the beggar that I shouldn't have given my 20 cents to.
he stood in the entrance of the pride of Rouen.
stopping everyone who wanted to see the miracles of the Gothic style,
for a little money, no one wanted to give away.

dimanche 3 avril 2011

church full with the naive modern farmers of a dutch village,
priest comes up.
he's got this red nose and lisping voice.
the townpeople are silently laughing,
the vilagers are full of admirable attention.

maybe it wasn't strange,
that the sacramental wine was not used...

man sat there

next to the gates of amsterdam; the cafe with the parrot .
every one who wanders in looks at the bird puzzled wether it is a real one or not .
there, at a table sat this man. not bothered by the parrot but lisening to a bird speaking and speaking in front of him.
in his eyes it could've been a bird, but in mine it was only an old woman.

weird innit...

dimanche 20 mars 2011


captain only spoke to the sea.
the sea was his only friend,
and his only enemy...

samedi 12 mars 2011

Eat the crisp?

avec tout le respect pour les fan du bonhomme

lundi 24 janvier 2011

dimanche 23 janvier 2011


Chaque dimanche non réfléchi, l'ombre de l'ennui me fait tourner la tête..