dimanche 18 septembre 2011


And then he saw it, a patch of feeble light shone through the clouds onto the concourse.
He stood there for two seconds stunned by what he saw. The light brightened until it lighted the entire street and further it went reflecting on the glass windows. Peter regained his speech and with a loud "AAHA!" he ran forward out of the alleyway.
"and where the fuck have you been?!" he yelled out at the blinding sun. People passing by turned their faces away from the sun and they directed their attention to the source of the yelling. After frowning at peter they went onwards blocking the sunlight with their hands to see properly. But Peter's tyranny against the sun went on.
After a minute the sun vanished behind a giant grey cloud, and a cold breeze ran through Peter's black hair. He looked up at the darkening sky and felt the first tiny drop onto his nose. Everyone took out their umbrella's and quickened their steps.
But while the rain tickled down, peter just stood there, all his anger gone. All his hope washed away by the cold unforgivable rain.